Adam Drory

Adam’s life was changed for the better when his lifelong best friend forced him into trying “improv”. This lifelong best friend’s name is not important. After getting hooked on the Improv at a young age, Adam would go on to seek out any and every opportunity to learn alongside, perform with, and get to know the wonderful people that this art form attracts. After setting a Manitoban record (which was immediately broken in 3 years time) at the Canadian Improv Games National Tournament, he formed the troupe “Rumble Pak”. This troupe had the opportunity to perform in all of the great prairie cities and even Regina! Rumble Pak was also showcased in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival for 4 years in a row (never exceeding a 3-and-a-half-star review). Adam has now done the Improv in cities such as Winnipeg, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Halifax, St. John’n, and even Regina!

In 2015, Adam co-founded an improv company in Winnipeg. It was through teaching and producing shows for Common Crow Improv Co. that Adam began to feel true growth as an artist. In the company’s first year he produced 3 shows a month and performed in as many of them as he could. After deciding to leave the nest, Adam left Common Crow in the hands of a murder of crows that have made the company their own. When Adam met the love of his life, he packed up and moved to Edmonton in 2016. He soon reconnected to the Improv once more as a member of the University of Alberta Improv Group, and as a volunteer for Rapid Fire Theatre. Today, Adam is BEYOND excited to be able to perform with Rapid Fire Theatre. It’s great to have room to grow and things to know as his ambition-fire continues to burn red-hot!