Blaine Newton

Blaine is a playwright, sketch writer, improviser and sometime engineer. In 2011, he joined the cast of Red Deer’s Bullskit for two seasons as a sketch writer/performer and improviser, and he’s currently writing/performing/improvising with Improv Jelly in Red Deer. In 2016/2017 he took a number of Rapid Fire Workshops to expand his experience and broaden his perspective. This, combined with his engineering training, allows him to alter current reality by day while creating alternate realities at night. As a playwright, his work has been seen by well under a million people, and includes Edmonton’s Shadow Theatre production of “Bravo” and “Oral Fixations” (co-written with Leslie Greentree) with Red Deer’s Ignition Theatre. He has also been a frequent contributor to the Playwrights Guild of Canada Script Salon reading series in Edmonton. His writing has been described by the late Pope Benedict as “filled with warmth, particularly when burned.”