David Belke

David is an alumni performer with Rapid Fire Theatre, and has not been active with the organization in any capacity; performer, board member or otherwise in over a decade.

David Belke fills many different roles in the theatre: performer, producer, designer, teacher, award winning playwright. He joined the Edmonton Theatresports League in its first year of existence and quickly established himself as one of their premiere players. For the first few years he played on a two person team with Russ Hewitt called Knights of the Living Dead (although they were fond of changing the name at a whim eg.The Knights Before Christmas, Knights of the Iguana, The Knights in White Satin).

As an active leader in the organization David was an enthusiastic regular performer and emcee, led workshops, acted as an ambassador to other leagues and served as president of the Board for seven years. Among his achievements were representing Edmonton at both Expo 88 (Brisbane, Australia) and the Calgary Winter Olympics (Bronze medal winners), aiding Patti Stiles in transitioning the move to the Varscona Theatre and pioneering the concept of theme based teams (most notably the legendary Rogue’s Gallery, a team of Batman villains who could always be counted on to cheat spectacularly, but were always destined to lose).

David is also the person who came up with the name Rapid Fire Theatre for Edmonton’s improvisational theatre organization.

In the years since leaving RFT David has become an award winning, nationally known playwright. His first full length play was produced for the 1990 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival, the largest theatre festival in North America. David worked as resident playwright with Edmonton’s Shadow Theatre until early 2017. His plays have been performed across Canada, as well as in the United States, England, Northern Ireland, India, Ghana and Brazil.