"...one of the best improv shows at the Fringe... amazing improv artists... you can't miss Harold of Galactus!” - Edmonton Sun

Cast Members

Harold of Galactus

Improv heroes (and self-confessed comic book geeks) Chris Craddock and Mark Meer improvise the entire published history of a new superhero… created by the audience! A loving salute to the world of secret identities, kid sidekicks, atomic accidents… and unbridled adventure! Excelsior! ‘Nuff said!

“Go see how the pros do it,” – Vue Weekly, 4.5 stars

“Built from a love of comics and bolstered with sharp improv chops, Harold of Galactus is a fine way to laugh so much it hurts.” – Vue Weekly, 4 stars

“…improv virtuosos… you can’t go wrong with Harold of Galactus; it’s a catalyst for giggle fits.” -Edmonton Journal, 4 stars

“…one of the best improv shows at the Fringe… amazing improv artists… you can’t miss Harold of Galactus!” -Edmonton Sun, 4 stars

“With two of Edmonton’s improv powerhouses behind it all, Harold of Galactus is not only technically impressive, but hilarious to boot.” – Vue Weekly, 4 stars