Main Ensemble Member

Danielle Browne

Danielle first began her improv journey in grade eleven and was hooked right away. Soon after high school university drama classes took priority and improv was put on hold.

After a long hiatus, and an education degree, she finally took the plunge at age 26 and enrolled in classes with Rapid Fire Theatre. Danielle is so happy to be a part of Rapid Fire Theatre and loves the energy she gets from the audience. Every show is different and it’s exciting to see how scenes and characters surprise you each night. When she’s not improvising Danielle can be seen “shaping young minds” as a teacher, cuddling her dog Fergus, or planning her next trip traveling to exotic locations.

If you don’t want to hang out at the dentist or with your creepy uncle we probably won’t either.

Danielle Browne


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