Avatar 2

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Rapid Fire Theatre’s Bonfire Festival Presents

After years of postponements Avatar 2 is finally set to release later this year, but not before an exclusive test screening at Rapid Fire Theatre’s Bonfire festival. The original Avatar was lauded for its retelling of Pocahontas in outer space, so which classic film will James Cameron set on Pandora this time? Will the Navi reenact the events of Mrs. Doubtfire? Put on your 3D glasses, book your D-Box seats, and witness of the movie mash-up of the millennium.

Ticket and Show Info 
  • All tickets are ‘pay what you can’
  • Concession snacks and drinks will be available!
  • Masking will no longer be required during your visit, but it is highly encouraged.
  • Both masks and hand sanitizer will be available upon arrival at the theatre.

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