Die Noired

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Rapid Fire Theatre’s Bonfire Festival Presents

The film noir is a complex period genre. It combines german expressionist visuals with post-war sentiments to create a moody atmosphere that reflects America in a dark shadow. The complex and interesting mysteries highlight the anxieties creeping in from a changing world.

The 80s action film is a movie made to capitalize on high octane radness. They feature explosions and car chases. Often meant to show off Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles, these films just rock.

Want to see us combine the two into a high octane, moody, muscly, contemplative magnum opus? Us too!

Ticket and Show Info 
  • All tickets are ‘pay what you can’
  • Concession snacks and drinks will be available!
  • Masking will no longer be required during your visit, but it is highly encouraged.
  • Both masks and hand sanitizer will be available upon arrival at the theatre.

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