Exponential Life 

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BONFIRE Festival Presents: Exponential Life

This format is based off of a Theatre Sports classic game called Half Life where a 2 minute scene is performed, then played again in 1 minute, then again in 30 seconds, then 15 seconds, then 7 seconds, then 3 seconds. Each time the scene gets shorter it forces the improvisors to trim the fat and get down to the essentials of the scene. Exponential Life is the mathematical inverse of Half Life. A scene will first be played in 3 seconds, then 7 seconds, then 15 seconds, then 30 seconds, then 1 minute, then 2 minutes, then 4 minutes, then 8 minutes, and finally 15 minutes. Each time the scene is replayed the improvisors will need to add and expand on what was important from the previous, shorter scene.

You can catch Exponential Life in Bonfire’s Show #2 Friday, April 28 at 8 PM at our new theatre, The Rapid Fire Exchange 

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Student Tickets: $15. Please present a valid student ID at the box office when you check in.

Early Bird ticket prices will be available up until two weeks before each show, after which Advanced ticket prices are available.

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