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Rapid Fire Theatre’s Bonfire Festival Presents

Get ready to fall in love, Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant style, with an improvised Screwball! An early form of rom-com, Screwball films worked around a strict censorship code that forbids physical displays of affection. Instead of skin and smoochin’, our two lovebirds show their feelings through innuendo and banter, set around some wacky situation. Maybe it’ll be a rogue leopard prowling the streets, or a housing shortage that causes the unlikely duo to live together—oh the scandal! Either way, get ready for fast-paced wit and heartfelt moments.

Ticket and Show Info 
  • All tickets are ‘pay what you can’
  • Concession snacks and drinks will be available!
  • Masking will no longer be required during your visit, but it is highly encouraged.
  • Both masks and hand sanitizer will be available upon arrival at the theatre.

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