Flashback sponsored by Nordic

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All the way from Oslo, Norway, Det Andre Teatret (The Other Theatre) makes their triumphant return to Improvaganza! Rapid Fire loves these hilarious norwegians and you will too! Self-described as “almost like a real theatre – just a little more fun!” this is a group that you won’t want to miss.

In “Flashback”, two actors tell the story of a relationship while the sound technician prompts them to bounce back and forth in time. Past and present are stitched together in a tale that can be both touching and funny and go wildly wrong. As in True Detective, Forrest Gump and How I Met Your Mother, we jump back in history and find out what REALLY happened. Mysteries are solved, riddles find their answers – and a lot of chaos occurs along the way! With: Cathrine Frost and Kristine Grændsen and Tale Vang Ellefsen. Produced by: Det Andre Teatret

You can witness Det Andre Teatret’s feature performance of Flashback sponsored by Nordic on June 21 and 23 at the Improvaganza Festival! And mark your calendars to witness their exhilarating Theatresports battles on June 22, where they’ll go head-to-head in a battle of wit and laughs!

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