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GORDON’S BIG BALD HEAD: Bubonic Playground

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Fringe favourites and Rapid Fire Theatre alumni GORDON’S BIG BALD HEAD were planning to do what they do most years at the Fringe: improvise a bastardized version of any other show at the festival. However, when confronted with the exciting possibilites of lockdown and The Fringe That Never Was, they decided to spend the last several months tirelessly writing and rehearsing a scripted work of their own devising… Watch in awe as Ron Pederson delivers a multi-hour monologue about bones in a single pool of light! Try not to be confused as Mark Meer recites all of his lines from the Mass Effect video games in the non-chronological order in which he recorded them! Thrill to the pyrokinetic spectacle of Jacob Banigan set ablaze and launched into a vat of Alberta crude oil in what we can only assume is some sort of political statement! No refunds.

This is NOT a real show! Fringe That Never Was is absolutely, 100%, definitely NOT a Festival! These imaginary “tickets” represent your charitable donation so we can all fringe forever. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the full value of your donation. You will not see this show online or in person because it doesn’t exist.

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