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Chris from Marv n’ Berry wanted to start a podcast. No one else in the group wanted to. This is the result.

Episode 24: Late Night Cabaret 2016 Special

Be whisked away to the 2016 Edmonton Fringe Festival as you listen to Chris’ stand-up set.

Episode 23: Chris tells his Mom he got engaged 2 WED

Originally recorded back in April, this episode had some strange technical difficulties. However, we’ve uploaded it again because we think it’s cute and worth hearing. Enjoy Peggy Borger reacting to some fun news in these rough times.

Episode 22: Sam Stralak!

Chris is joined by pal/actor/improviser Sam Stralak for some FREE FORM CONVERSATION.

Episode 21: Nikki Hulowski 2!

Nikki joins Chris to talk about wild adventures as a country kid.

Episode 20: Shitting Myself in Disney World

Chris tells the story of how he shit his pants in Disney World.

Episode 19: CERB Violation Prank Call

Chris’ sister Paige Borger pretends to be a CRA agent and prank calls our latest guest. Their identity has been protected as personal (and possibly illegal?) details are given.

Episode 18: Quinn Prank Calls His Dad

Guest host Quinn Contini takes over the podcast to prank call his Dad, Mike Contini by playing a game called “you won’t guess what happened next”! Enjoy!

Episode 17: The White Claw Challenge Interview

Chris is joined by his old pal Travster, who insists he could drink 15 White Claw Hard Seltzers without feeling inebriated. Here’s Chris asking Travster a few trivia questions mid challenge.

Episode 16: A Double-Cross Prank Call

Nikki thinks she’s prank calling our next guest, however the guest is in on it and reverse-pranks Nikki. An absolute plot twister of a podcast! With Nikki Hulowski and Tessa Remesz.

Episode 15: Peggy Borger Mother’s Day Special

Chris calls his Mom for Mother’s day and reads her a spooky story.

Episode 14: Nikki’s Dad Gets Pranked

Orest Hulowski (Nikki’s sweet Papa) has been dealing with an unarmed subpar delivery service. Chris calls him pretending to be a customer service rep from said company. The price of gas and oil is covered. Enjoy!

Episode 13: Sam Stralak doesn’t know he’s on a podcast

Sam has no idea that this phone conversation is being recorded. Nor does he agree that recording a conversation without permission counts as a “podcast”, but hey- here we are.

Episode 12: Judy Hulowski

Chris prank calls Judy Hulowski (Nikki’s sweet Mama) into thinking her child is in jail. Enjoy!

Episode 11: Peggy Borger returns to hear some news

Chris is joined by his mother Peggy, to discuss life updates and exciting news. Enjoy a candid reaction from a MAMA.

Episode 10: Mike Robertson returns

Mike tells listeners a classic 4/20 story! Enjoy and relax!

Episode 9: Paige Borger

Host Chris Borger is joined by his very own sister, Paige, to read a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Goosebumps novel

Episode 8: Morris Borger

Chris is joined by his very own father, Morris D. Borger, to discuss a particularly interesting piece of Roman history.

Episode 7: Quinn Contini Returns

Quinn Contini joins Chris for a podcast while trying to live stream a romance novel.

Episode 6: Lee Boyes

Chris is joined by special guest Lee Boyes. The two discuss childhood.

Episode 5: Peggy Borger

Chris is joined by guest Dr. Peggy Borger. Not only is she a local medical doctor – she is also Chris’ former roommate, and mother. They talk COVID-19, and Peggy explains why people choose to eat bats.

Episode 4: Mike Robertson

Host Chris “The Iceman” Borger is joined by Mike “Robertson” Robertson to play a classic round of “What dat noise?”.

Episode 3: Nikki Hulowski

Chris is joined by Nikki Hulowski to play a fun trivia game!

Episode 2: Sam Stralak

Host Chris Borger is joined by Sam Stralak to discuss “Operation Mincemeat”, one of WW2’s most riveting tales.

Episode 1: Quinn Contini

Our debut episode. Chris wanted to start a Marv n’ Berry Podcast, and no one else in the group was interested. This is the result.

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