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Chris from Marv n’ Berry wanted to start a podcast. No one else in the group wanted to. This is the result.

Episode 19: CERB Violation Prank Call

Chris’ sister Paige Borger pretends to be a CRA agent and prank calls our latest guest. Their identity has been protected as personal (and possibly illegal?) details are given.

Episode 18: Quinn Prank Calls His Dad

Guest host Quinn Contini takes over the podcast to prank call his Dad, Mike Contini by playing a game called “you won’t guess what happened next”! Enjoy!

Episode 17: The White Claw Challenge Interview

Chris is joined by his old pal Travster, who insists he could drink 15 White Claw Hard Seltzers without feeling inebriated. Here’s Chris asking Travster a few trivia questions mid challenge.

Episode 16: A Double-Cross Prank Call

Nikki thinks she’s prank calling our next guest, however the guest is in on it and reverse-pranks Nikki. An absolute plot twister of a podcast! With Nikki Hulowski and Tessa Remesz.

Episode 15: Peggy Borger Mother’s Day Special

Chris calls his Mom for Mother’s day and reads her a spooky story.

Episode 14: Nikki’s Dad Gets Pranked

Orest Hulowski (Nikki’s sweet Papa) has been dealing with an unarmed subpar delivery service. Chris calls him pretending to be a customer service rep from said company. The price of gas and oil is covered. Enjoy!

Episode 13: Sam Stralak doesn’t know he’s on a podcast

Sam has no idea that this phone conversation is being recorded. Nor does he agree that recording a conversation without permission counts as a “podcast”, but hey- here we are.

Episode 12: Judy Hulowski

Chris prank calls Judy Hulowski (Nikki’s sweet Mama) into thinking her child is in jail. Enjoy!

Episode 11: Peggy Borger returns to hear some news

Chris is joined by his mother Peggy, to discuss life updates and exciting news. Enjoy a candid reaction from a MAMA.

Episode 10: Mike Robertson returns

Mike tells listeners a classic 4/20 story! Enjoy and relax!

Episode 9: Paige Borger

Host Chris Borger is joined by his very own sister, Paige, to read a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Goosebumps novel

Episode 8: Morris Borger

Chris is joined by his very own father, Morris D. Borger, to discuss a particularly interesting piece of Roman history.

Episode 7: Quinn Contini Returns

Quinn Contini joins Chris for a podcast while trying to live stream a romance novel.

Episode 6: Lee Boyes

Chris is joined by special guest Lee Boyes. The two discuss childhood.

Episode 5: Peggy Borger

Chris is joined by guest Dr. Peggy Borger. Not only is she a local medical doctor – she is also Chris’ former roommate, and mother. They talk COVID-19, and Peggy explains why people choose to eat bats.

Episode 4: Mike Robertson

Host Chris “The Iceman” Borger is joined by Mike “Robertson” Robertson to play a classic round of “What dat noise?”.

Episode 3: Nikki Hulowski

Chris is joined by Nikki Hulowski to play a fun trivia game!

Episode 2: Sam Stralak

Host Chris Borger is joined by Sam Stralak to discuss “Operation Mincemeat”, one of WW2’s most riveting tales.

Episode 1: Quinn Contini

Our debut episode. Chris wanted to start a Marv n’ Berry Podcast, and no one else in the group was interested. This is the result.

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