Front of House Manager

Graeme Pate

As Front of House Manager, Graeme is responsible for organizing an incredible team of volunteers who help our guests have a fun, positive and memorable experience at our shows. He also manages the exciting volunteer program which helps people to gain new skills such as customer service, managing money, bartending, health & safety and bystander awareness.

Not only can you find Graeme at the Front of House, once in a while you may even see him on stage improvising on the keyboard during a show!

Of all the Front of House Managers we’ve had at Rapid Fire, Graeme is certainly the most recent!

Brad Fischer

Graeme? Do you mean the sexy man who everyone has a crush on? Oh I know him.

Quinn Contini

Graeme does the best he can for the person he is, which is superb on all fronts.

Lisa Stein, Volunteer