Christina Harbak

Main Ensemble Member

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Born and raised in Amiskwaciwâskahikan, Christina is an Edmontonian through and through.

Having never had the opportunity to participate in improv in high school, she discovered the joy of improv while at the University of Alberta. Christina improvised with the UIG from 2011-2016, holding a variety of roles, including President Internal. She found Rapid Fire Theatre in 2011 first as an audience member and then volunteered with the front of house team for six years until she joined the ensemble in 2017. Outside of improv, Christina volunteers as a Master Composter Recycler, where she shares tips on waste reduction and spouts the gospel of composting for all to hear. She is a lover of all things theatre, and identifies as an ‘intense’ Fringe audience member during the summer. Rapid Fire Theatre has allowed her to participate in the Fringe in ways she could only dream of previously, including the role of “Christina the Intern” at the Late Night Cabaret.

Improv is Christina’s second greatest love of her life, and she has developed friendships and community from it that will last a lifetime. It has made her the person she is today, and she is so grateful to Rapid Fire Theatre for shaping this life into one incredible adventure.

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