Main Ensemble Member

Christina Harbak

Christina got her start in improv through the UIG in 2011, where she performed until 2016.

During her five years with the UIG, she served as Co-President and Treasurer for 2 years, Promotions officer for 2 years, and had the privilege to perform in Victoria, Vancouver and at a variety of venues across the greater Edmonton area. Christina volunteered for Rapid Fire Theatre for six seasons and is ecstatic to be joining her friends on stage. In her spare time, she volunteers as a Master Composter Recycler, teaching Edmontonians about the joy of composting, tips on waste reduction and the importance of recycling. You can also catch her hiking the trails of Elk Island National Park and crying everytime she sees a dog.

Your own life is more interesting than you think – pull suggestions from your everyday world.

Christina Harbak

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