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Gordon’s Big Bald Head

The improvised version of any other show at the Fringe!

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No regrets.

Cacao 75%

2019 Theatresports Tournament Junior Division Champions

Damn Sandwich

Like any good sandwich this one starts and ends with the same thing, but instead of bread, it’s you going “DAMN!”


A blend of comedy and absurdity with heartfelt emotion.

Fear and Loathing artwork
Fear and Loathing and Lovecraft

A tale of drug-fueled eldritch madness from the blackest depths of the American Nightmare!

Folk Lordz

Braiding together high-octane improv comedy with folk storytelling, Rapid Fire Theatre’s Todd Houseman and Ben Gorodetsky present Folk Lordz!

Gordon’s Big Bald Head

The improvised version of any other show at the Fringe!

Hubby & Wifey

2019 Theatresports Tournament Champions!

Impro Orchestra

It’s like the Symphony, but funnier.

Improvised Dungeons & Dragons

Enter the realm of improvised nerdery!


Goofy and absurd!

Like Father, Like Son

A bedtime story fit for a prince.

Marv n Berry Troupe ensemble
Marv n’ Berry

Weirdo sketch comedy to explode out your mind hole.


Binge-worthy laughs


They’re bitch perfect


They’ll move you

Off Book

Witness spontaneous songs, choreography, and scene work, that will never be the same twice.

Power Couple

Inspired by real life dating profiles read live on stage.

Rå Power

Obsessed with chasing joy in their scenework, and doing things that scare them.

6 Degrees of Science

These two ubernerds combine your suggestion of a scientific or mathematical formula, law, theory or concept as the limiting reagent.

Sneak Peek

You pick the trailer, we improvise the film.


Watch totally improvised PowerPoint presentations unfold right before your eyes!

The Big Stupid Improv Show

The all-star improv jam show.

The Champ

Unexpected Underdog Stories

The One That Got Away

Based on your what-could-have-been!

The Professors

The improvised university course


You’ll get it.


They put the FIRE in Rapid Fire Theatre

True Crime

Tell us your beef and we’ll crack the case.