Heat: $100
Oxygen: $250
Fuel: $500
Ignite: $750
Fire: $1500
Gas: $3000


If you’re as excited about our future home as we are and you want to play a big role in making it happen, we’d love to talk with you. We’ll work with you to find a meaningful way to recognize your gift, whether that’s by naming a space after you or your company, or another creative form of recognition! Please email Sarah ( or Matt ( so that we can discuss further!


For more information about how your donation impacts this project – keep scrolling!

Imagine circling a roaring fire-pit and hearing brilliant stories that make your senses flicker with excitement, wonder, and amusement. Let us tell you a story…one about how sparks of inspiration spring to life to build community. A community that uses positivity and collaboration as fuel, turning single words into comedy, drama, fantasy, and adventure to fuel more than 40 years of impact.

Pull up a stump and let us tell you about Rapid Fire Theatre.

Most people don’t see themselves as improvisors. In fact the very idea of being unprepared is a nerve-racking, sweat inducing nightmare worthy of a ghost story. The thing is, your whole life has been improvised. Every conversation, every decision, and every choice has come without a script in-hand. Spooky! 

But, like any good camping trip, you’re never going in alone. Improv is rooted in collaboration. It requires a group of people all working together to grow each other’s ideas into hilarious stories and meaningful narratives. While it looks like magic to the uninitiated, improv can be as simple as saying “Yes, and…”

“Yes, and…” is a core tenet of improvisational theatre. This simple phrase is about accepting and building on the ideas of others to create something together, something more meaningful than a single person could ever achieve on their own. The performers, students, staff, board, and volunteers of Rapid Fire Theatre are on a mission to build that meaningful thing.

But, we need you to say “Yes, and…!” We need you to help fuel the fire.



Building a theatre is no small feat. The great news is that we’ve done much of the work already! Thanks to the generous support of our donors and funders, and thanks to years of plugging our own piggy bank, we now have the funds required to begin this project. But we still have a long way to go.

We need your help to reach our campaign goal of a cool $1Million.

Reaching this campaign goal will ensure that we complete our project in a single phase and continue to serve our community without compromise or interruption.

Our total project budget is $4.5M. Of that total budget, the $3.5M we expect to raise through grants and savings will cover essentials like design and consultation fees, mechanical systems, and main floor elements including the theatre, lobby, box office, concession, washrooms, dressing rooms and performer lounge.

The remaining $1M raised through the Fuel the Fire campaign will grow our outreach capacity by resourcing our education spaces. This includes a flexible studio space specifically dedicated to our Educational Outreach and Public Improv Workshop programs. 


Every dollar raised through our Fuel the Fire Campaign impacts the local community in positive, meaningful ways!

  • Performing artists;
  • Folks like Julie and the “classic dad-looking gentleman” from the Wellspring workshop;
  • Students through our Outreach program, like the teens from Boyle Street Education Centre, Amiskwaciy Academy and Delton School;
  • High School Students and from all across Alberta and the theatre programs at their schools, and;
  •  The next generation of improv superstars, just like Kirsten Rassmussen and Colin Mochrie.

Rapid Fire Theatre is well known for playing weekly improv shows for packed audiences in theatres across Edmonton and around the world. We also teach workshops for the young and young-at-heart looking to gain the confidence and skills needed to thrive in work and life. 

However, allow us to let you in on a little secret…we’ve used the power of improv in more ways than you can shake a fire-poker at. We’ve taught positive leadership to the CEOs of Alberta’s largest corporations. We’ve developed lasting relationships with inner-city communities through engaging education programs. We’ve taught mindfulness and play to recovering cancer patients and their loved ones.

Improv is the kindle that ignites personal and professional development. Improvisation teaches people how to be present, stay focused in the moment, remain positive, and actively listen. It builds confidence, enhances collaboration, and prepares us for the unprepared.

Collaboration and support are foundational pieces of improv. The practice of improv gives ample opportunity to feel what it’s like for someone to have your back, and in turn, you having theirs. A feeling of encouragement that can stick with us in everything we do. Plus, the inclusivity of improv is unparalleled. Its flexibility means it can be adapted to fit the needs of anyone while keeping it affordable for everyone.

Throughout our history, we have operated out of many beloved local venues. We have shared these venues with other theatre companies. After 40 years of growth, we are in need of a dedicated space where our weekly improv shows, festivals, and educational programming can burn bright.

The communities we serve, organizations we support, and lives we affect will be better supported by a consistent community hub, a home for stories and creation for years to come. 

With your help, we can do even more.

Other Ways to Support Rapid Fire


Recycle your empty beverage containers and support Rapid Fire Theatre at the same time through


Go to Skip the Depot  


Volunteering with Rapid Fire is a great way to connect with other people in the local arts scene, and to support local theatre.


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