Rapid Fire Theatre offers public improv classes throughout the year.

Whether you have no experience whatsoever or are a performer looking to hone your craft, we have a workshop for you! Boost your confidence, gain new skills, and have fun!

Workshops are available in-person or online.

Improv Summer Camps

By popular demand, we’ve assembled 3 amazing camps for kids that are going to leave you wanting more!

Improv for the Fabulously Mature

An Improv jam for folks 55+. Expect light physical movement, tons of fun, and loads of laughter!

BIPOC Improv Jam

Rapid Fire Theatre is excited to be hosting a free monthly improv jam for folks who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Color.

Improv for Public Speaking

Learn some improv skills to help you address a crowd and get a standing ovation!

Improv for Anxiety

This workshop teaches improv skills that can be helpful when managing anxiety, all while laughing and having fun!

Level 1: Intro to Improv

A foundations workshop on the concepts of improvisation, with a focus on agreement and confidence-building.

Level 2: Improvised Characters

In this workshop you will develop a variety of tools to create complex improvised characters. By the end of this class, you should be able to confidently create and perform a unique character!

Level 3D: Character Dynamics

In this class you will develop an understanding and awareness of the different ways in which characters interact with one another. By the end of this class, you should be able to improvise a scene with a partner while also maintaining a character throughout the scene.

Level 3W: The World of the Scene

In this class you will explore your environment in more depth, using narration, object work, soundscape and more. By the end of this class, you should be able to confidently perform the scariest scene of all; the open scene!

Level 4: Advanced Shortform

In this workshop you will explore different improv structures such as monologues, split scenes, narration and edits. Students should be able to set up and play Theatresports games by the end of this class.

Level 5N: Intro to Narrative Longform

In this workshop you will explore long format improvisational structures that are both linear and non-linear narratives, such as directed long forms and Tap Outs. You will discuss advanced storytelling concepts, as well as continue to develop editing techniques.

Level 5T: Intro to Thematic Longform

An exploration of The Structured Harold and Harold-derived thematic long format improv. You will work on different openings, and developing a group mind mentality with your ensemble.

Improv Diagnostic

This diagnostic class will focus on identifying personal strengths and strengthening weaknesses you may have in your improvisational skill set.

Improv for Homeschoolers

Rapid Fire Theatre’s exciting 10-week improv workshop designed exclusively for homeschoolers! 

Kidding Around Workshop

Unlock imagination, embrace positivity, and get ready to perform! Join our dynamic 8-week improv workshop, happening before our Kidding Around Show on Saturdays!

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All in-person public workshops take place at the Rapid Fire Exchange.

Our Level 1 – 5  workshops are intended for adults.
Under 12 years old? Check out our Kidding Around Workshops.

Most workshops sell out, don’t delay!

If you have any questions about our workshops, please contact Academy Director Joey Lucius.

Also, please note that our workshops take a break in July and August and are back in action for September!