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Improv for Teens

An improv class designed specifically for teens! Have fun failing joyfully and getting out of your head.

Show Workshop

Rapid Fire Theatre offers public improv classes throughout the year.

Whether you have no experience whatsoever or are a performer looking to hone your craft, we have a workshop for you! Boost your confidence, gain new skills, and have fun!

Workshops are available in-person or online. In-person workshops are delivered in accordance with the province of Alberta’s “Restriction Exemption Program”, meaning all participants must provide either 1) proof of COVID-19 vaccination, 2) proof of negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of each class, or 3) documentation of a medical exemption. Masks are required at all times while participating in class in accordance with the province’s guidelines and the City of Edmonton bylaw. Our workshop spaces are frequently sanitized.

Improv for Playing with Status

An introductory teaser all about status. Learn how status impacts every relationship and informs our characters.

Improv for Interviews

Improv skills are interview skills. Learn some fun skills to help you handle your interview like a boss!

Improv for Mental Health

This workshop is focused simply on having a good time in a safe & low stakes environment. Have some fun with failure!

Improv for Public Speaking

Learn some improv skills to help you address a crowd and get a standing ovation!

Improv for Dating

Learn improv skills that enhance your ability to connect with people – especially someone new!

Improv for Teens

An improv class designed specifically for teens! Have fun failing joyfully and getting out of your head.

Improv for Rhyming

Learn how to freestyle rap! Write Dr. Seuss on the fly! Make up songs to sing in the shower!

How to Produce a Comedy Show

In this online workshop Elena Belyea (Gender, I Hardly Know Them) teaches you everything she’s learned while producing live comedy shows in Canada!

Improv for Anxiety

This workshop teaches improv skills that can be helpful when managing anxiety, all while laughing and having fun!

Improv for Lighting Up Your Scene Partner

They say the best improvisers can inspire anyone, can make anyone look good on-stage, so come find out how!


A fun, spontaneous space dedicated just to folks who self-identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community!

Improv for Couples

Looking for a great date night? Improv for Couples explores improv through the lens of our partnerships, building on trust and chemistry, this workshop is a safe and silly way to step out of the comfort zone and expand our shared connections.

Online Improv for Beginners

A great way to challenge yourself, build confidence, break out of your comfort zone, and improve your online communication skills!

Level 1: Intro to Improv

A foundations workshop on the concepts of improvisation, with a focus on agreement and confidence-building.

Level 2C: Improvised Characters

In this workshop you will develop a variety of tools to create complex improvised characters. By the end of this class, you should be able to confidently perform the scariest scene of all; the open scene!

Level 2W: The World of the Scene

In this class you will explore your environment in more depth, using narration, object work, soundscape and more. By the end of this class, you should be able to confidently perform the scariest scene of all; the open scene!

Level 3: Advanced Shortform

In this workshop you will explore different improv structures such as monologues, split scenes, narration and edits. Students should be able to set up and play Theatresports games by the end of this class.

Level 4N: Intro to Narrative Longform

In this workshop you will explore long format improvisational structures that are both linear and non-linear narratives, such as directed long forms and Tap Outs. You will discuss advanced storytelling concepts, as well as continue to develop editing techniques.

Level 4T: Intro to Thematic Longform

An exploration of The Structured Harold and Harold-derived thematic long format improv. You will work on different openings, and developing a group mind mentality with your ensemble.


In this class, your child will learn the basics of improvised theatre; narration, character, and scene work.

Improvising Musicals

A special course focused on musical scenes. You will explore song structure, musicality, scene work, and putting together an improvised musical.

Sketch Comedy

Were you raised on Kids in the Hall? Do you love Baroness Von Sketch Show? Come learn the foundations of written comedy. This class will teach you how to generate ideas and expand them into fully-realized works of comedy.

Solo Improv

This class will hone your skills through physical stagecraft, multiple character creation & narrative story telling, allowing you to perform solo Improvisation while giving you the tools to devise scripted solo work.

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In-person public workshops take place in either Studio Theatre or Studio A at ATB Financial Arts Barns (10330 84 Ave NW). You can access both rooms via the south entrance near Mcintyre “Gazebo” Park.

Online workshops take place in the comfort of your own home!

Our Level 1 – 4 workshops are intended for adults.
Under 10 years old? Check out our Kidprovisors program.

Most workshops sell out, don’t delay!

If you have any questions about our workshops, please contact Joe Vanderhelm, Associate Director of Education.

Also, please note that our workshops take a break in July and August and are back in action for September!