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Marv n’ Berry: Half & Half

Half & Half is the biggest show ever produced by Edmonton’s sketch comedy heroes Marv n’ Berry!

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Every year we produce more than 300 improv shows. That means we have you covered for all your comedy needs almost all year long.

Whether you’re looking for something a little different for a birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party or just something different to do instead of hitting up the club, RFT is your one stop shop for laughs. Check out our hilarious slate of weekly shows and festivals!

Theatresports Playoffs

Get your brackets ready as our Theatresports season culminates in a no-holds-barred round robin tournament! 


Maestro is the Hunger Games of improv! This competitive elimination-style show that starts with a dozen performers and ends with only one left standing.

Late Night Double Feature Improv Show

Anything can happen at the Late Night Double Feature Improv Show! It might get sexy, it might get spooky, and it will always be hilarious.


21 features three of Rapid Fire’s hottest improv troupes fighting the clock and each other to win over the crowd.


A showcase of the unstoppable talents of the female and non-binary cast of RFT! Bechdel test approved. Can you answer the riddle of The Sphinx?


CHiMPROV features Rapid Fire Theatre’s most accomplished performers! In this show, you’ll see the RFT Senior Ensemble tackling some of the most exciting improv formats.

Marv n’ Berry: Half & Half

Half & Half is the biggest show ever produced by Edmonton’s sketch comedy heroes Marv n’ Berry!

Off Book: The Improvised Musical

A talented ensemble from Rapid Fire Theatre only needs one thing to create a brand new musical from scratch, right before your eyes—a suggestion from the audience.


This high-energy, fast-paced show pits teams of improvisers against each other in a fierce battle of wits and laughs where no holds are barred!


The Northern Alberta Improv League is a playful competitive league of high school improv teams from around Northern Alberta.

Workshop Showcase

Rapid Fire Theatre’s Public Workshop Showcases feature performances by public workshop participants.

Free Improv Jams

Whether you’re looking to hone some skills or try improv for the first time, our free improv jams are a fun, affordable way to play with us!


This FREE family-friendly improv show stars Rapid Fire Theatre’s finest as they team up with the next generation of improvisors – the Kidprovisors!

Date Night

This ridiculous live auction event is our annual fundraiser for our international improv festival – Improvaganza!

The Blank Who Stole Christmas

You know the story, you know the rhymes. You’ve seen the tale a million times. But here’s the twist that no one will know… there’s a different villain in every show!

The Professors

The Professors are college professors who “prove” an absurd hypothesis suggested by the audience over the course of a comedy lecture.

Get the Golden Ticket!

Give the gift of laughter ! Our Golden Tickets make perfect gifts for any occasion. They’re only $15 and can be redeemed at the box office for admission to any of our regular weekly programming. The best part is that they never expire!

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