Our Season

Every year we produce more than 300 improv shows. That means we have you covered for all your comedy needs almost all year long.

Whether you’re looking for something a little different for a birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party or just something different to do instead of hitting up the club, RFT is your one stop shop for laughs. Check out our hilarious slate of weekly shows and festivals!


Maestro is the Battle Royale of improv! This competitive elimination-style show that starts with a dozen performers and ends with only one left standing.

Netflix & Kill

Greenlight or cancel: you call the shots. Your choices shape the night as the streaming wars ignite the stage!

Monkey in fancy suit standing behind the title "Chimprov"

CHiMPROV features Rapid Fire Theatre’s most accomplished performers tackling some of the most exciting improv formats.

Double Feature Improv Show

Each show showcases a different line-up of two of Rapid Fire Theatre’s top improv troupes doing what they do best, making you laugh!

Kidding Around

Rapid Fire Theatre’s hilarious performers create an entire show off the top of their heads, with help from the youngsters in the audience!


This high-energy, fast-paced show pits teams of improvisers against each other in a fierce battle of wits and laughs where no holds are barred!

Dirty Little Secrets

In Dirty Little Secrets, we read your nasty lil’ confessions to craft improv comedy gold.

Improv All-Stars

Step into the world of unscripted hilarity with “The Improv All-Stars” – a side-splitting extravaganza that will leave you in stitches!

Play The Game!

Two teams of comedians compete in challenging game of mental acuity, physical dexterity and mild humiliation!

Off Book: The Improvised Musical

The fantastic show where you will witness the creation of spontaneous songs, choreography and scene work that will never be the same twice!

The Improv Stand-Up Friendship Fun Time Show

Edmonton’s premier improvisers work together with Edmonton’s premier stand-up comedians for the ultimate Edmonton comedy show!

Academy Showcase

Rapid Fire Theatre’s Public Academy Showcases feature performances by public workshop participants.


The Northern Alberta Improv League is a playful competitive league of high school improv teams from around Northern Alberta.