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Volunteer Alberta: Inclusion & Accessibility at Rapid Fire Theatre

Designing with dignity in mind: check out this feature by Volunteer Alberta on the accessibility features at the Rapid Fire Exchange!

CBC: Rapid Fire Theatre unveils a new home next month

Adrienne Lamb from CBC gives a preview of Rapid Fire Theatre's new home.

CBC Kids: Rapid Fire Theatre bought a giant nose!

When the TELUS World of Science closed their Body Fantastic exhibit, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a giant second-hand nose!

Say “Yes, and…” to a mentorship experience

“When we hype up and build off someone’s ideas like this, it makes the original idea look even better.” -Matt Schuurman

VOGUE: Aidy Bryant in conversation with Marielle Elizabeth

Aidy Bryant Found Her Style Through a Decade of Dressing as Other People

BLAFF: When the script runs out, the improv begins!

A deep dive on the half-improvised, half-scripted format BLAFF/BLAUGH/BLAHGH!

5 Reasons Your Company Needs Improv Training

Here are the top 5 things our improv training can help your team with!

The Best Books on Improv

A growing and curated list of books about improvisation, creativity, and the power of positivity.

Anti-Fat Bias in Creative Process

A special report by April MacDonald Killins. A closer look at data from Stories to Action, specifically concerning anti-fat bias as a barrier to inclusion.

Stories to Action: Co-Creating Inclusive Pathways to Professional Theatre in Edmonton

A research project conducted by April MacDonald Killins, and supported by the YEG Performing Arts Accessibility Ad Hoc Group.

Rapid Fire Theatre’s Outreach Program

“No one is excluded,” says Averill. “And that’s a really nice experience for a student who has had many experiences of exclusion.”


Improbotics is the brainchild of Kory Mathewson, a robotics researcher and longtime Rapid Fire player, and his European collaborator Piotr Mirowski.

Rapid Fire Theatre’s Improvaganza

Mochrie would do it all over again, too. “I’ve always found Rapid Fire Theatre to be a class act,” he says. “They’ve always treated me very well, and the calibre of improv is world-class. I’d work with them any time.”

Rapid Fire Theatre & Edmonton Fringe

“The Fringe gives you an opportunity to create your own opportunity.”

Rapid Fire Theatre & ATB Financial

“On the surface you have this group of wacky people,” Rozenhart says of Rapid Fire, “but these folks take their work very seriously, and they want to create an outstanding product.”

Rapid Fire Theatre & Wellspring Edmonton

"...once the class was over, he came straight over and told him it was the first time in months he’d been able to not think about his chemotherapy."

Park Bench

Part of Rapid Fire Theatre's Family Improv at Home series. Learn how to play "Park Bench" at home!

Sleeping Grandma

Part of Rapid Fire Theatre's Family Improv at Home series. Learn how to play "Sleeping Grandma" at home!