Jacob Banigan

Alumni Member

Jacob Banigan started improvising with Rapid Fire Theatre in 1990 in Theatresports!

In addition to being a performer with the company, Jacob also served as RFT’s Artistic Director from 1995 to 2004. During his time as Artistic Director, he created many pieces of our programming that are still integral to our offerings today; including the long form show CHiMPROV, the public workshop academy, and IMPROVAGANZA.

Jacob now lives in Graz, Austria, having joined Theater im Bahnhof, where he is director of the impro show MONTAG. In 2012, Jacob premiered the impro solo GAME OF DEATH, which plays monthly in Graz and often in cities across Europe and North America. Jacob is also a member of English Lovers in Vienna, Gordon’s Big Bald Head in Edmonton, and Rocket Sugar Factory everywhere.

Jacob regularly returns to Edmonton each summer for the Edmonton Fringe Festival!

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