Lacey Huculak

Main Ensemble Member

Lacey Huculak has been improvising since 2010.

She began performing with the University of Alberta Improv Group where she later spent two years as President and founded The Notorious Improv Festival; the University of Alberta’s first ever university level improv festival. She has performed in UBCi’s IMPULSE improv festival in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Lacey has been performing professionally with Rapid Fire Theatre since 2012. She served as the Associate Director of Education for the Rapid Fire Theatre Workshop Academy from 2018-2019. Don’t let that sweet face fool you – Lacey specializes in horror themed improv. With her History B.A. in hand she also can perform a scene in any time period and literally teach the audience a thing or two in the process. In the daylight Lacey works in seasonal event entertainment and writes haunted houses (seriously) for a major Halloween attraction. Lacey performs most regularly with Omens, Unscripted History, DEATHLIST and Magic Marv XXS as Jasper National Pork.

It’s like getting to play pretend every weekend with the most funny and supportive people you will ever meet – I can’t believe I have been lucky enough to do it for almost a decade.

Lacey Huculak

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