Lee Boyes

Technician Roster Member

Lee Boyes has been an improviser for almost 20 years, originally from Rad-gina, SK.

Lee has been improvising for over 25 years and works with RFT in a number of ways. Offstage he’s an instructor and technician. From time to time you can even catch him scoring scenes with his turntables; but more often than not, you’ll see him in our weekly Theatresports show; as a half elf necromancer in RFT D&D, or spitting rhymes with his improv life partner Chris Borger and their duo S.E.M. Lee has performed throughout North America, in festival ensembles or with his solo show Leegion, which explores multiple narratives, characters, and whatever other weirdness his black heart unearths! He also has a penchant for hot sauce & Satan

I don’t like having one single job, after three days in a row at any one job I’m ready to punch myself.

Lee Boyes

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