Matthew Kusmire

Main Ensemble Member

Matthew began improvising in his junior year of high school in Red Deer under the tutelage of the ancient and wise Miss Sue Merry after seeing his brother perform years before.

In his senior year his team won gold in the Canadian Improv Games (CIG) and performed in Ottawa at the national CIG festival. Graduating High School in 2016 Matthew dicked about for a bit only improvising while playing Dungeons and Dragons like a huge nerd scared he could never live up to that time Duncan caught a hat mid-performance while rapping and it fell off. Eventually he moved to Edmonton in 2018 and began attending the University of Alberta Studying Psychology and film. Alongside his studies he became a member of the University Improv Group (UIG) and has performed at the Regina Improv festival as well as the Edmonton Improv festival. In 2019 he auditioned for Rapid Fire Theatre and was accepted into the group as a Rookie improviser. Outside of Improv it is not likely to catch Matthew anywhere as he is scared of socializing and being in public, although if you want to start a Dungeons and Dragons campaign he’ll gladly play.

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