Nikki Shaffeeullah

Nikki Shaffeeullah

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Nikki Shaffeeullah (she/her) is a theatre & film artist, facilitator, producer, writer, equity worker, and community organizer. She performed with Rapid Fire Theatre from 2012-2015. Her work has included serving as Artistic Director of The AMY Project; Editor-in-Chief of cultural diversity and the stage; Assistant Artistic Director of Jumblies Theatre; founder & director of Undercurrent Creations, as a founding member of Confluence Arts Collective.

I believe that art should disrupt the status quo, centre the margins, engage with the ancient, dream of the future, and be for everyone.

Nikki Shaffeeullah

An award-winning theatre and film artist, Nikki works as a director, writer, performer and producer, and collaborates with companies and artists from across Canada. She has held residencies with organizations including Canadian Stage Company, Why Not Theatre, The Theatre Centre, and SummerWorks, and is a Fellow of the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators. She has taught in the performance departments of University of Toronto Scarborough and the University of Alberta.

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