Steven Hurst

Main Ensemble Member

Steven is a local improviser who has been making things up since 2013.

He started improvising with the University of Alberta’s Notorious UIG and through this community has had the chance to perform in Alberta, British Columba and Manitoba. Steven graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Education from the U of A. He has taken his teaching career to Australia where he also had the chance to improvise with Melbourne-based companies: Impro Melbourne and Improv Conspiracy.

Steven enjoys ultimate frisbee, retro Nintendo games and agreeing with people when they say he looks like Elijah Wood or Toby McGuire. He is so happy to have found a passion in improv and grateful for the opportunity to grow as a person and improviser with Rapid Fire Theatre.

I’ve been super into hot tubs lately. So I spend a lot of my time thinking about when, where and how I can be in one. I’m also a teacher.

Steven Hurst

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