April 27-29, 2023


Bonfire is Rapid Fire Theatre’s annual romp of new ideas in improv. Starring the members of the Rapid Fire Theatre ensemble, each show at Bonfire has been created by one of RFT’s own. Every show at Bonfire is a new idea that we’ve never tried before; it might work, it might not, but either way, it’ll be a joy to witness.

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Third Wheel

They can’t afford props, other actors, or a lighting technician, but by gum, they’re going to put on a show for you, come hell or high water.


ICONIC takes one beloved actor and reimagines their quirks, voice, actions and facial expressions through a cyclone of scenes, characters and bits.

Beyond Belief

Coincidence or fate? Understandable or unbelievable? The events that shape out lives and our world can at times seem unimaginable!

Exponential Life 

Exponential Life is the mathematical inverse of Half Life. Each time a scene is played it will get longer and longer.


Taking a classic improv game to new heights, Mega Monkey in the Middle is madness for one improviser encircled by their fellow improvisers.

Dirty Little Secrets

Born in the East Village of New York City – Dirty Little Secrets Improv Show is improv comedy inspired by secrets from the audience, written as they enter the theatre.

Michael Sarah presents: The Morning Show

The Morning Show is the improvised morning talk show featuring morning traffic reports, local news, cooking segments, weather, entertainment news, local celebrities, and more!

The Gigglish Fantasm

Join us for The Gigglish Fantasm, a whimsical adventure through realms of dark magic!

Too Fancy

Come along on a trip across time in this old-Hollywood inspired show about friendship and lasting memories.

Short Island Mediums

Watch as the Short Island Mediums use their combined psychic powers, skills and tools of ghost hunting to help some lucky audience members interact with the beyond. 


Join the cast as they gab about important things in life and grace us with grand-crafted vignettes of life.


Put. It. In. Your. Mouth. And listen closely! This isn’t your typical bedtime.

Improving the Audience

No audience participation required. Unless, of course, you’re an improviser improvising an entire show from the comfort of the audience.

RapidFire Anatomy

 In a loving tribute to all your favourite hospital and medical shows, the cast will improvise an episode rife with drama, love, medical miracles and more.

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