F*ck Marry Kill

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Inspired by the classic game “Smelly Sexy Funny…. But deadlier. It’s a romantic comedy meets murder mystery. The Big Chill meets Knives Out.

We all know the game Fuck Marry Kill, take any three people and choose, one you would f*ck, one you would marry, and one you would have to kill. In the improvised show, we take it one step further. The Anniversary Party meets Cabin in the Woods. Love and Murder. And sex! Four friends are gathered together for a retreat. By random selection, they each choose one person for each. One of the other guests is someone you are intensely attracted to, but wish you weren’t, that is the person you want to f*ck. Another guest is someone you love, you feel connected to them, they would make the perfect life partner, this is the person you want to marry. Maybe this weekend is your chance to pop the question. The last person you despise, but don’t let them know. In fact you may even have a plan to get them out of your life forever, and tonight could be the night. By the end of the night, someone will f*ck, someone will marry… and at least one of the guests will be KILLED.

You can witness F*ck Marry Kill in it’s feature performance on June 23 at the Improvaganza Festival!

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Student Tickets: $20. Please present a valid student ID at the box office when you check in.

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