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You’ll discover simple ways to build company culture, elevate individual productivity, and push organizational change – and have fun doing it.

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What Is Improv & How Can It Help?

It’s not about being funny. It’s about training your brain to be more creative & agile so business breakthroughs become second nature.

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Mental Flexibility

Feel a difference in your team’s ability to adapt quickly and pivot instantly.

Being Positive

Learn what positivity can do for you and your team’s productivity.

Actively Listening

See the difference in communication between hearing and actually listening.

Grow Ideas

Work together to take small inclinations and build them into big ideas.

We use improv-based strategies to power performance. Through engaging & interactive exercises we get you excited about practicing business-critical skills.

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Develop Skills For Work & Life

Think Fast

Being agile is fast becoming the single most important professional skill you can develop. Improv helps you learn to use changes to your advantage.

Gain Confidence

By applying the tenants of improv, you will be more comfortable communicating your thoughts and more engaging to your audiences.

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Work Collaboratively

Teamwork takes work. Improv will show you the power of solving problems together, building towards a collaborative culture.

Reduce Stress

Look for solutions instead of dwelling on problems. Improv will instil in you the power of “Yes, and… ” while helping you build a can-do attitude.

Build Chemistry

Get to know your team on a whole new level. Practice exercises that will give you insights into what makes your team tick.

Lead Effectively

Anyone can read books on leadership and apply the lessons, but only the best leaders can bring out the best in any person, in any situation.

Grow Ideas

Building on eachothers ideas in the right environment will 10x your teams creative output. More ideas = Better ideas.

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Have Fun

This isn’t your standard personal development session… You’re team will be on their feet, interacting and building rapport like never before.

Good company culture doesn't happen by accident. Start building your high performance team now.

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What an amazing experience! From the effort around planning and customization to an event that far exceeded expectations, Rapid Fire delivers an entertaining and professional performance that will leave you laughing for days.

Jamil K

Canadian Western Bank

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The communication was clear, they arrived on-time and they knew exactly what to do. I definitely recommend having RFT perform, they did absolutely amazing!

Lori S

Canadian Nursing Students' Association

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Definitely we will be working with them again. It was something that everyone enjoyed. All of the participants said it was too short and they wished there was more. Thank you so much RFT

Anna L


Workshops For Anyone & Everyone

Who Can Learn From Improv? How about…

CEOs & Executives

You’re leading without a script. Improv will help build you into a resilient leader.

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People & Culture Teams

Grow the foundations of a strong team. You can reduce staff turnover and increase happiness.

Creative Services

Your business is all about ideas. Learn to make more of them with greater speed as a team.

Financial Services

In a fast paced industry like finance, it pays to be quick, observant, and working together

Non-Profit Organization

Empathy and understanding are at the heart of everything you do. Use improv to go deeper.

Start-up Companies

Entrepreneurship is all about agility. Learn to make quick turns with confidence and stability.

Post-Secondary Institutions

Staff and Student need to be flexible and resilient to tackle the unique challenges of campus life.

Conference Sessions

Bring your attendees closer together with a custom made improv session or Interactive Keynote.

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We find it’s best to budget at least 2 hours for a workshop. That length gives everyone enough time to get comfortable and try all the exercises for maximum benefit. We’re also happy to do half and full day workshops to really get you flexing that improv muscle. 

That’s the goal. Everyone will feel involved and included in a safe and fun way. No one is ever asked to perform in front of the group or anything like that.

Not at all. Everyone will be pushed to go just outside their comfort zones (but no further). Our facilitators make sure everyone feels comfortable throughout the workshop.

Enough space for everyone in the workshop to spread out comfortably. These workshops can also get a little noisy, so being away from other people is also key.
We’re happy to help figure out the perfect spot, just ask!

Not at all… but you will laugh a lot! While improv is typically funny, this isn’t about teaching you how to make people laugh. It’s about using improv as a way to let you look at your business critical skills in a new way and connect with your team on a whole new level. 

Our instructors have enough capacity for up to 30 participants. Beyond that, it’s best to bring in a second instructor to help or split the group into two and run two workshops back to back.