Improv School Residencies

Use the power of improv to help teach your students the importance of confidence, teamwork, collaboration and much more!

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Using improv for immersive learning and deeper connections

Improv can help build the foundations of soft skills that students need for everyday life and for the future

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We will take the lead

Let our instructors take over a class of up to 40 students for an improv lesson that will leave lasting impressions. We will help co-create a lesson plan to deliver an educational experience that will leave a legacy. 

Develop lightning-fast decision making

With a focus on play, teamwork, and confidence-building, your class will be challenged to embrace their impulse! develop their listening skills, and to work collaboratively with others – foundations for any good improvised scene!

Listening to your peers

Develop their listening skills, and to work collaboratively with others – foundations for any good improvised scene! Teaching students to build together helps strengthen rapport and deeper connections.

Connected to Curriculum

We come prepared with curriculum connectors to help the teachers ensure all learning outcomes are being met and anticipatory activities that the teachers can do with their students the days/week before we arrive. This ensures quality education for your classroom.

Looking for ways to ensure your curriculum covers everything and keeps your students on their toes?

Book your residency in just 3 easy steps

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You get in touch and tell us all about your curriculum and learning objectives. We’ll talk you through our lesson plans and recommend the perfect fit to ensure the highest quality instruction for your students.

Our professional instructors will reach out and run through the details with you to make sure everything is in order for the perfect class. You can tell us all about the things you’d like us to incorporate and anything you’d like us to avoid.

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Our team will come prepared to educate your students and get them engaged with the material. Then you get all the credit for having organized the best class ever!

Fill out the information below to get the conversation started

  • Contact our event entertainment director with any questions.


Our standard residency is a minimum four hours per day for 1-2 weeks. That said, we can tailor the length of our sessions to fit any schedule – Just ask!

Cost all depends on how many performers you’ll need and how long you’ll need ’em. Reach out and we’ll see what we can do to make it work for your budget.

Absolutely! We can collect those suggestions in advance of the workshop or right in the classroom as your students play along. Their suggestions keep the conversations moving and the energy flowing!

You can touch base with our Director of Event Entertainment by providing your information above! They’ll walk you through all the options and make your life easy peasy. 

We certainly can! We will abide by all current COVID restrictions in place, whether that means working in your building or remotely.