Board Member, Relationship Committee

David Schoor

David was born in Vancouver and raised in Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg. He’s somewhat unilingual but speaks the language of urban design, place making and community. After collecting a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Manitoba he packed up the Honda Civic, headed west and found a home in Edmonton. Since then and while in this great city, he has raised a family, made dear friends, managed multi-stakeholder projects for ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd., once did a stand-up comedy set at Yuk-Yuk’s and, unrelatedly, sat in the Speaker’s Chair in the House of Commons. In his spare time David is an urban farmer, “competes” on the Peloton, thinks he’s a gourmet cook after making a few Chef’s Plate meals, makes loud noises on his guitar, and collects and curates a book and vinyl record collections.