Kami Woida

Marketing Manager

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Introducing Kami Woida (Van Halst), a multifaceted marketing professional with a rockstar edge. With a career rooted in music, Kami’s journey embodies a fusion of artistic passion and marketing prowess, making her a formidable force in the industry.

Armed with two degrees from the University of Alberta in sociology and musicology, Kami’s academic foundation laid the groundwork for her diverse skill set and holistic understanding of human behavior and cultural dynamics. In 2019, fueled by her desire to marry her love for music with her burgeoning marketing acumen, Kami pursued further education in marketing, cementing her expertise in the field.

Additionally, Kami holds a post-BA from the Musician’s Institute in LA, with a specialized focus on music business and marketing, further enriching her understanding of the intersection between artistry and commerce. Her unique blend of academic rigor and real-world experience positions her as a formidable strategist and storyteller in the marketing realm.

As the Executive Director of Country Music Alberta and the Marketing Director behind the Glow Christmas festival, Kami has demonstrated her ability to curate compelling narratives and foster community engagement on a grand scale. Her tenure with these esteemed organizations showcases her knack for orchestrating successful marketing campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences, amplifying brand visibility and driving meaningful connections.