Rå Power

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Rå Power is the rough and tumble improv duo of Amy Shostak and Joleen Ballendine. They are obsessed with chasing joy in their scenework, and doing things that scare them.

They embrace the brutally spontaneous nature of improvisation, and always challenge themselves to explore the edges of what is possible. Joleen likes to push Amy to do things like climb on boxes piled high and talk about her greatest regrets, and Amy likes to push Joleen to sing made up songs and even to spit on her. They love telling stories that matter, and they love making people laugh.

Amy and Joleen have been performing together since they met at Rapid Fire Theatre in 2007, and have been touring as a duo since 2015. They have performed at The Sweden International Improv Festival, The Combustion Festival (Toronto), The Vancouver Improv Festival, Det Andre Teatret (Oslo), and The Ratibor Theatre (Berlin). Living in different cities, they spend most of their time together now on the road.

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Joleen Ballendine

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Amy Shostak


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