6 Degrees of Science: You are guaranteed to learn something, but there are no guarantees of what it will be!

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6 Degrees of Science

Rapid Fire Theatre presents: 6 Degrees of Science!

A super-science comedy show presented by two University of Alberta alumni, Joe Vanderhelm (B.Ed. Gen Science Maj. Drama Min. ’06) and Kory Mathewson (B.Sc. Electrical Engineering ’10, M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering ’15, Ph.D. Computing Science, ’18 exp).

These two ubernerds combine your suggestion of a scientific or mathematical formula, law, theory or concept as the limiting reagent with the excess reagent of their love for science, math, engineering, education and improv to produce 6 Degrees of Science!

A show so exothermic you’ll need to take off your coat. There may not be a formula for success, but these two get pretty close.