"... the three-headed Wayne Gretzky of the improv world." -Edmonton Journal, 5 stars

Cast Members

Gordon’s Big Bald Head

Gordon’s Big Bald Head: The Play’s The Thing

Improv gangsters Jacob Banigan, Chris Craddock, and Mark Meer reunite for the Fringe! Watch in awe as these comedy wiseguys heist a play (with the aid of their accomplice, the audience) and improvise their own unique version of ANY OTHER SHOW AT THE FRINGE FESTIVAL!

Stay tuned for 2018 schedule details at Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival.

“They’ll negotiate absurd turns in the narrative with a masterful ease and enjoyment that never wavers. It’s an astonishing achievement,” -12thnight.ca 

“Chris Craddock, Jacob Banigan and Mark Meer are quite frankly masters at their trade,” -Edmonton Journal, 5 stars

“… the three-headed Wayne Gretzky of the improv world.” -Edmonton Journal, 5 stars

“…three of the world’s best improv comics…The audience leaves with the sure knowledge that we have been in the presence of genius.” -Edmonton Sun, 4.5 Stars

“… the improv comedy of Mark Meer, Chris Craddock and Jacob Banigan is one of the Fringe’s sure bets for laughs.” – Vue Weekly, 4 stars