What is a gossamer obsession?

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Gossamer Obsessions: Wilt

Sketch comedy unlike any you’ve seen before, Gossamer Obsessions has played to great acclaim in Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton.

5 STARS, “…the whole show is ridiculous…” – Edmonton Journal
4 STARS,  “The 19th-century equivalent of stoner humour” – VUE Weekly.
4 STARS, “Their comedy is surely the devil’s work because it seems to come to them too easily” – Edmonton Sun.
4 STARS, “…Continuously smart, laced with clever wordplay and sharp writing.” – CBC Manitoba

In Wilt, two curious narrators present hilarious, spellbinding tales that offer you a sense of respite from our inevitable decline—squeezing joy from ennui like lemonade from life’s cruelest lemons.