Improvaganza 2010

June 16-26, 2010
Varscona Theatre and TransAlta Arts Barns

Improvaganza 2010 was the 10th annual Improvaganza in Edmonton. It took place in two venues, The Varscona Theatre and the TransAlta Arts Barns. For the first time, the festival featured a full house band – Winnipeg’s Magnificent 7’s.

The 10th annual Improvaganza also featured the first ever international festival ensemble – a unique gathering of individual performers brought together to practice and perform together.

Festival acts in 2010 included:

  • 4Track (Frank Campanella, Christian Capozzoli, George Basil, Matt Evans) | New York
  • Cellolitis (Niko Herdieckerhoff)| Berlin
  • Convoy (Upright Citizens Brigade) (Todd Fasen, Alex Berg, Alex Fernie) | LA
  • Dad’s Garage (Christian Danley & Rene Dellefont) | Atlanta
  • Et Compagnie | Lyon
  • General Fools (Mike Fly, Jayden Pfeifer, Rob Appleby) | Regina
  • Harold of Galactus (Mark Meer & Chris Craddock) | Edmonton
  • Hip.Bang! (Tom Hill & Devin Mackenzie) | Vancouver
  • The Improv Monologue Project
  • The Magnificent 7’s | Winnipeg
  • Mandance (Cole Humeny & Richard Lee) | Edmonton
  • Mantown (Adam Cawley, Jason DeRosse, Bob Banks, Rob Norman, Rob Baker) | Toronto
  • Mostly Water | Edmonton
  • Picnicface (Andrew BushKyle Dooley, Mark LittleEvany RosenScott Vrooman) | Halifax
  • Scratch (Kevin Gillese & Arlen Konopaki) | Edmonton
  • Skin & Lungs
  • The Sunday Service | Vancouver
  • Teatribu (Davide Arcuri & Fabio Maccioni) | Milan
  • Young Guns | Edmonton
  • All-star ensemble with Lee White, Ken Lawson, Toby Hughes, Taylor White, Susie Youseff, Robyn Slade, Mike Robertson & Kory Mathewson