Past Ganzas

Rapid Fire Theatre’s first Improvaganza festival took place in 2001, the brain-child of Jacob Banigan. Since then it has grown to become one of the largest improv festivals in Canada and one of the most sought-after festivals for improvisers from all over the globe! Join us for this trip down memory lane as we revisit some of our visiting acts and memorable moments.

Year 1


Teams from Calgary, Atlanta, Seattle, Winnipeg, and London, England.

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Year 2


Teams from Atlanta, Austin, Austria, Boston, England, Seattle, Vancouver, Winnipeg

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Year 3

June 17-28, 2003
Varscona Theatre

Year 4

Summer 2004
Varscona Theatre

Year 5


Teams from Atlanta, Austria, Belgium, Seattle, Vancouver, Slovenia, Toronto, Portland, Regina, Winnipeg

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Year 6

June 14-24, 2006
Varscona Theatre

Year 7

June 13-23, 2007
Varscona Theatre

Year 8

June 18-29, 2008
Varscona Theatre

Year 9


Tatiana Maslany, Gift of Gab, George Basil, Mark Sutton, Pete & Pat, Picnicface, and more!

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Year 10


4Track, UCB, Teatribu, Picnicface, the Magnificent 7’s, Et Compagnie and more!

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Year 11


Nicole Byer, Sasheer Zamata, Keisha Zollar, Neil Hamburger, George Basil, School of Night, Sunday Service and more!

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Year 12


Maria Bamford, The Sufferettes, The Sunday Service, School of Night and more!

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Year 13


Moshe Kasher, Susan Messing, Rachael Mason, Daniel Orrantia, Felipe Ortiz, and so many more!

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Year 14


Kurt Braunholer, BA Johnston, Andrew Phung, Mayor Don Iveson, I Bugiardini and more!

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Year 15


Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, Joe Bill & Lee White, Magnet Theater, Global Impro, The Sufferettes and a lot more!

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Year 16


North Coast, The Sunday Service, The Magic Negro & Other Blackness, Rhapsodes and a whole lot more!

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Year 17


The Irrelevant Show, Speechless, H.U.N.K.S., K$M, The Sunday Service, Broke Gravy, and so much more!

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Year 18


Colin Mochrie & Greg Proops, Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, Dark Side of the Room, Jill Bernard, and tons more!

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Year 19


Mega-Musical, The Sunday Service, Bad Dog Theatre, Tallboyz, Dad’s Garage, Second City, redDoor and more!

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Year 20


Ann Pornel, The Unpronounceables, Treat Show, Characters Welcome, Outside Joke, Dad’s Garage and more!

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Year 21


El Jaguar, Det Andre Teatret, Dad’s Garage, Tita Collective, MC Redcloud, Dark Side of the Room, Tightrope Impro and more!

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