Improvaganza 2013

June 19-29, 2013
Citadel Theatre

Improvaganza 2013 was the 13th annual Improvaganza in Edmonton. It featured stand-up headliner Moshe Kasher, and Chicago improv heavyweights Susan Messing & Rachael Mason.

This was the first year that the festival took place at the Citadel Theatre, in both the Rice (aka The Club) & Zeidler Theatres.

Fun fact: this festival featured both Picnic (from Colombia) and DJ Mama Cutsworth (from Winnipeg). They would play a Theatresports match together where they would become inspired to develop a larger show together. And so, the international touring improv phenom Speechless was born, which would appear again at Improvaganza a few years later.

Festival acts in 2013 included:

  • Big Fella (Mark Little, Craig Anderson, Conor Holler & Kyle Dooley) | Across Canada
  • The Boys (Rachael Mason & Susan Messing) | Chicago
  • Craig Martell | Edmonton
  • CRUMBS (Stephen Sim & Lee White) | Winnipeg
  • Dad’s Garage (Matt Stanton & Ed Morgan) | Atlanta
  • DieNasty | Edmonton
  • Dr. Whom (Tad Hargrave & co) | Edmonton
  • Dylan Goes Electric (Paloma Nunez & Kevin Whalen) | Toronto
  • The Harold of Galactus (Mark Meer & Chris Craddock) | Edmonton
  • Jon Mick | Edmonton
  • The Late Night Cabaret (A special ‘ganza edition of the official Fringe talk show)
  • Like Father, Like Son (Julian Faid & Jessie McPhee) | Edmonton
  • Mama Cutsworth (Sarah Michaelson) | Winnipeg
  • Mark Little | Toronto
  • Mirage (Ken Lawson & David Milchard) | Vancouver
  • Moshe Kasher | Los Angeles
  • Peter N’ Chris (Peter Carlone & Chris Wilson) | Vancouver
  • Picnic (Felipe Ortiz, Daniel Orrantia) | Bogota, Colombia
  • Press Start (Nick Shostak & Co) | Edmonton
  • Evany Rosen | Toronto
  • The School of Night (Sean McCann & Adam Meggido) | London, UK
  • The Sufferettes (Becky Johnson & Kayla Lorette) | Toronto
  • The Sunday Service (Ryan Beil, Caitlin Howden, Taz Vanrassel, Aaron Read) | Vancouver
  • Upfront Theatre (Billy Tierney & Galen Emanuele) | Bellingham
  • International Festival Ensemble, featuring Jamie Cavanagh, Wayne Jones, Veslemoy Morkid, Paloma Nunez, Daniel Orrantia, Amy Shostak, Fraz Wiest, Judy Wensel, Kevin Whalen, Matt Young, Duncan Walsh Atkins