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The Blank Who Stole Christmas

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A hilarious new holiday tradition!

In 2019 Rapid Fire Theatre created the somewhat-familiar but always original THE BLANK WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS; an improvised take on a holiday classic!

In this original Christmas musical, a cast of performers have memorized all their lines and rehearsed all their choreography, just to have it all ruined at a moment’s notice. In each performance of THE BLANK the main character is played by a different guest improviser playing a character of their choice. The cast doesn’t know who is crashing their performance until the moment it happens!

In 2019, packed audiences got to witness the catchy tunes and hilarious chaos of this half-scripted, half-improvised adventure. Swipe through the gallery below to see who the inaugural “Blanks” were, and stay tuned for the return in 2020!

A holiday tradition to call their own, pure Rapid Fire, a full-length tribute to the rarefied skills of the company’s deluxe improvisers.

Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca

Writers: Joleen Ballendine & Gordie Lucius
Music & Sound Design: Erik Mortimer
Lyrics: Christopher Borg
Director & Choregrapher: Tara Koett
Production Design: Elise CM Jason
Video Design: Matt Schuurman


Max: Sam Stralak, Amanda Buchner
Honey Woohoo: Susan Evans, Marguerite Lawler
The Mayor: Michael J Johnson, Breck Wiltshire
The Woohoos: Mac Brock, Amanda Buchner, Quinn Contini, Catriona Hurley, Jayce McKenzie, Alaina Sadowski, Katie Turner

The Blanks (2019)

The Wet Bandits: Gordie Lucius & Christopher Borg
Sir Elton John: Marguerite Lawler
West Edmonton Mall Cops: Steven Hurst & Lacey Huculak
Dolly Parton: Sydney Campbell
Batman: Noel Taylor
Mr. Burns: Kelly Turner
John McClane: Paul Blinov
Shrek: Joe Vanderhelm
Whoopi Goldberg: Jared Wonago
Tom Waits: Tim Mikula

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