Improvaganza 2017

June 14-24, 2017
Citadel Theatre

Improvaganza 2017 was the 17th annual Improvaganza in Edmonton.

This was the fifth year that the festival was held at the Citadel Theatre, and the first time that a festival headliner show was produced in the building – featuring The Irrelevant Show in the Maclab Theatre.

This festival included the Canadian debut of the incredible Speechless, featuring Daniel Orrantia, Felipe Ortiz and DJ Mama Cutsworth (Sarah Michaelson). These three performed together for the first time at a Theatresports match at Improvaganza 2013, which became the inspiration for Speechless to be formed. Four years and a world tour later, they made their return to Edmonton – this time as a trio!


Festival acts in 2017 included:

  • Benjamins (Ember Konopaki, Kelli Ogmundson, Nicole Passmore, Rachel Smith) | Vancouver
  • Broke Gravy (Eric Simons, Leon Anderson, Chris Williams) | Portland, OR
  • The Ferocious Four
  • Folk Lordz (Todd Houseman & Ben Gorodetsky) | Edmonton
  • H.U.N.K.S. | Winnipeg
  • IGLU Theatre | Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Improvised Vinyl Cafe (Tim Mikula)
  • The Irrelevant Show | CBC Radio
  • Karaoke Bar
  • K$M (Kirsten Rasmussen & Matt Folliott) | Toronto
  • The Kidprovisors
  • Ladies & Gentlemen (Daniel Carin & Chris Sandiford) | Montreal
  • Luke & Owen (Gordie Lucius & Joey Lucius) | Edmonton
  • Maestro

  • Marv N’ Berry (Chris Borger, Sam Stralak, Nikki Hulowski, Quinn Contini, Mike Robertson) | Edmonton
  • Missed Connections (Ali Frogatt, Quinn Contini, Ellis Lalonde) | Calgary
  • Odd Wednesday
  • One Lions (Stephen Kent & Covy Holland) | Calgary
  • Rå Power (Amy Shostak & Joleen Ballendine) | Edmonton
  • Reckless Theatre | New York
  • Speechless (Daniel Orrantia, Felipe Ortiz, Sarah Michaelson) | Bogota/Winnipeg
  • Success 5000 (Robyn Slack, Josh Coss) | Edmonton
  • The Sunday Service | Vancouver
  • Your Moms (Annalise Stuart, Ese Atawo, Kerri Donaldson, Kimberley Yip) | Vancouver
  • Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society | Edmonton
  • International Festival Ensemble featuring Chris Borger, Andrea del Campo, Laura Doorneweerd, Jay Flewelling, Todd Houseman, Tara Koett, Sam McLean, Whittney Millsap, Aaron Ranger and Fraz Wiest