Animal Percentages

How to play Animal Percentages

This week on Family Improv at Home, we’re playing the character game “Animal Percentages”.

What you need:

  • A big open space
  • Two or more people

Watch the Tutorial:

Step 1

Choose someone to be the director. They’re going to be responsible for calling out different percentages. Everyone else playing will be responding to the director and morphing into different animals.

Step 2

Choose an animal!

Step 3

The director gives commands, starting at 0% and works their way up to 100%, using 10% increments. At 0%, the players are completely human. At 100%, the players are completely animal. Everything in between is some kind of animorph blend!

Step 4

Once you’ve seen your characters all the way from 0-100, try jumping around a bit! 15%, then 85%, then 18%, etc.

Step 5

Once you’re finished with your first animal, try again with a very different animal!

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