Sleeping Grandma

How to play Sleeping Grandma

This week on Family Improv at Home, we’re playing the character game “Sleeping Grandma”.

What you need:

  • A big open space
  • Two or more people

Watch the Tutorial

Step 1

Decide who will be playing the grandparent(s) and who will be playing the grandchild(ren)

Step 2

Create a home base. This is where Grandma will tuck in the kids.

Step 3

Grandma’s job is to tuck in the kids and make sure they don’t go sneaking out in the middle of the night. The kid’s job is the exact opposite. Try to get out of bed, get into mischief and sneak past Grandma!

Step 5

Grandma can only catch the kids if she sees them moving. If you freeze, she can’t catch you.

Step 6

The game ends when the kids get past Grandma.

Step 7

Change roles and play again!

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