Park Bench

How to play Park Bench

This week on Family Improv at Home, we’re playing the character game “Park Bench” aka “Bus Stop”.

What you need:

  • Two (or more) people
  • Two chairs

Watch the Tutorial:

Step 1

Place the chairs together, and establish one of them as the entrance. The other will be the exit.

Step 2

The game starts with one person sitting in the exit spot, and the wait for a friend to come join them on the entrance side.

Step 3

The two characters have a conversation. The objective is for both characters to agree on a reason for the character in the exit spot to leave.

Step 4

Once that character leaves, the other character moves into the exit spot and a brand new character enters the entrance spot.

Step 5

Repeat! See how many different relationships between characters you can discover.

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