How to play Martha

This week on Family Improv at Home, we’re playing the association game “Martha”. We also try and figure out how the game got its name!

What you’ll need:

All you’ll need for this game is a little bit of room and a few more people.

Watch the Tutorial:

Step 1

Establish a playing area. It works well to have your players gather in a circle!

Step 2

Someone moves forward and makes an offer, both physical and verbal. Frame it by saying “I am a _____” (example: I am a chicken)

Step 3

Someone else adds to the picture by associating off of the first offer. (example: I am a nest)

Step 4

A third player completes the picture by adding one more element, associating off of the first two offers. (example: I am a farmer)

Step 5

The first person who played (in this case, the chicken) chooses one of the other two players to stay (let’s say the nest stays). The other two players return to the circle (the chicken and the farmer).

Step 6

The person who stays starts off a whole new round with their same offer from before (I am a nest). Repeat steps 2-6, and in each round try and make it as different as possible from the previous round.

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