Improvaganza 2015

June 17-27, 2015
Citadel Theatre, Myer Horowitz Theatre, Various Pop-Up locations

Improvaganza 2015 was the 15th annual Improvaganza in Edmonton. It featured a special collaboration with Oslo’s Det Andre Teatret and Edmonton’s Found Festival, featuring site-specific performances in a variety of locations. It was the last Improvaganza curated by Artistic Director Amy Shostak.

This was the third year that the festival took place at the Citadel Theatre, in both the Rice (aka The Club) & Zeidler Theatres. There were also special off-site events at the Myer Horowitz Theatre on the UofA campus and various downtown venues.

Festival acts in 2015 included:

  • 8s (Lee Boyes & company) | Edmonton
  • Boxcar (Gordie Lucius, Tim Mikula, Joey Lucius, Jessie McPhee) | Edmonton
  • Clare Belford | Edmonton
  • Christopher Borg | Edmonton
  • The Comic Strippers (Roman Danylo & Co) | Vancouver
  • Det Andre Teatret | Oslo, Norway
  • Emily Burden | Edmonton
  • Ferrari McSpeedy (Joe Bozic & Mike Fotis) | Minneapolis
  • Folk Lordz (Todd Houseman & Ben Gorodetsky) | Edmonton
  • Forever Never Always Here | Edmonton & Oslo
  • Global Impro (Fena Ortalli & Marcelo Martin) | Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Gossamer Obsessions (Amy Shostak & Paul Blinov) | Edmonton
  • Graham Clark | Vancouver
  • Guest of Honour feat. Todd Babiak
  • Hip.Bang! (Tom Hill & Devin Mackenzie) | Vancouver
  • Magnet Theatre (Elana Fishbein, Megan Gray, Chet Siegel) | New York
  • Mike Robertson | Edmonton
  • Paradigm (Joe Bill & Lee White) | Chicago/Winnipeg
  • Pippa Evans | London, UK
  • Randy Liedtke | LA
  • Showstopper! The Improvised Musical (Adam Meggido, Pippa Evans, Ruth Bratt, Andrew Pugsley, Christopher Ash)| London, UK

  • Sneak Peek (Joe Vanderhelm, Paul Blinov, Matt Schuurman) | Edmonton
  • Society of Strange (Adam Meggido, Andrew Pugsley, Mark Meer, Christopher Ash) | London, UK
  • Steife Brise (Torsten Voller & Thorsten Brand) | Hamburg, Germany
  • Stop Podcasting Yourself (Dave Shumka & Graham Clark) | Vancouver
  • Success 5000 (Josh Coss & Robyn Slack) | Edmonton
  • The Sufferettes (Kayla Lorette & Becky Johnson) | Toronto
  • TEDxRFT (Julian Faid & Kory Mathewson) | Edmonton
  • Vancouver Theatresports League (Brian Cook, Andrew Barber, Scott Patey)
  • Velvet Fish (Pippa Evans & Ruth Bratt) | London, UK
  • Weird Al Karaoke (Mike Robertson and company)
  • White Pants (Tom Hill & Devin Mackenzie) | Vancouver
  • International Festival Ensemble (Lauren McGibbon, Jana O’Connor, Paul Blinov, Karen Cassady, Fena Ortalli, Briana Rayner, Pippa Evans, Julia Grochowski, Ryan Sheedy, Fraz Wiest)