The Blank Who Stole Christmas Spoilers!

This page is your backstage pass to The Blank Who Stole Christmas cast list. Not only do we reveal who’s taking the stage as ‘The Blanks’ and when, but we also have exclusive hints about the character they will be playing.

If you’re ready to unwrap the mystery, scroll on!


  • Thu, Nov 30 8:00 PM Joleen Ballendine as a classic Charles Dickens character
  • Fri, Dec 1 8:00 PM Lindsey Walker as a star of Broadway, film, and television
  • Sat, Dec 2 1:30 PM Joe Vanderhelm as a Disney villain
  • Sat, Dec 2 8:00 PM Dill Prusko as a fast food mascot
  • Thu, Dec 7 8:00 PM Susan Evans as an evil religious figure
  • Fri, Dec 8 8:00 PM Michael J Johnson as a famous holiday figure
  • Sat, Dec 9 1:30 PM Stephen Raitz & Sarah Mattiello as an iconic pair of toys
  • Sat, Dec 9 8:00 PM Nikki Hulowski & Noel Taylor as a celebrity couple from the 90s
  • Thu, Dec 14 8:00 PM Christina Harbak as the matriarch of a famous cartoon family
  • Fri, Dec 15 8:00 PM Lacey Huculak as a Hobbit
  • Fri, Dec 15 10:30 PM Gordie Lucius as a notorious fictional gangster
  • Sat, Dec 16 1:30 PM Joey Lucius as a Muppet
  • Sat, Dec 16 8:00 PM Paul Blinov as a very specific local reference
  • Sat, Dec 16 10:30 PM Breck Wiltshire as a sexy satirical spy
  • Thu, Dec 21 8:00 PM Julian Faid as a Canadian politician
  • Fri, Dec 22 8:00 PM Kelly Turner as an eccentric Roald Dahl character
  • Sat, Dec 23 1:30 PM Matt Schuurman as a Tim Burton character
  • Sat, Dec 23 8:00 PM Jana O’Connor as a famous holiday figure