Arlen Konopaki

Arlen Konopaki has been improvising for 11 years with various companies around the world. For the last 8 he has performed regularly with Rapid Fire Theatre at their weekly Theatresports and Chimprov shows. Arlen is one half of the highly acclaimed duo Scratch which is one of the most touring improv shows on the planet. Scratch has gone on multiple tours all over Canada and Europe and to the Sydney and Melbourne Comedy Festivals in Australia and to Auckland for the New Zealand Comedy Festival. Arlen is one of the co-founders of HighWire Films and within the company works as an writer, director, actor, producer, editor and composer. He was nominated for Best Director at the AMPIA Awards for the HighWire Films production Losing Will. Arlen received his BFA in Acting from the University of Alberta in 2006. Selected stage credits include: Romeo & Juliet (Free Will Players), A MidSummer Night’s Dream (Theatre Prospero), A Watched Pot Never Boyles (NextFest & Edmonton Fringe) and Candida (Studio Theatre). He can be heard in animated works including Sterile Atomic Fly (Blacklisted Productions) and Deltora Quest (Chinook Animation). He also plays music in the pop-rock group Paper Ghosts. For more of Arlen’s work check out