Jared Wonago

Jared first started performing improv occasionally in grade 7 but it wasn’t until 4 years ago when he became completely obsessed with the art of improvisation. Jared is a current member of the University of Alberta Improv Group (UIG) and has been performing with them at various locations all over the Edmonton area for the past two years. Other cities Jared has performed improv at include Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Los Angeles at the Groundlings Theatre. At the moment, Jared is studying Political Science and Theatre at MacEwan University. When Jared isn’t improvising or at school, he spends his time catching up on current events and he tries his best to spread the word to his friends and family that TIM HORTONS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Jared repeats, THE HUMAN STOMACH WAS NOT DESIGNED TO DIGEST “food” FROM TIM HORTONS.