Patti Stiles

Patti served her theatre apprenticeship at Loose Moose Theatre Company, birthplace of Theatresports, under the playful, eagle eye of its inventor, Keith Johnstone. She is an actor, improviser, director, instructor and playwright.

Patti has been Artistic Director of two Theatresports companies in Canada, Dream Kitchen Theatre and Rapid Fire Theatre, and is also the former Artistic Director of Impro Melbourne. She is core company member (in absentia) of Die Nasty, the live improvised soap opera, and was behind the inspiration for the birth of London’s Spontaneity Shop. Patti also holds the unofficial record for being the first female to improvise for 53 hours in a row. In demand worldwide as an improvisation performer and teacher, and as one of the finest exponents of Johnstonian improvisation in the world. She has had the pleasure of working in Canada, the USA, England, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Norway, France, New Zealand, Thailand and Australia.

Television and theatre apperances include: Neighbours(AU), Stingers(AU), The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, The Reluctant Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes, Mutiny On The Bounty, Henry IV part 1, The Land The Animals, Much Ado About Nothing, King of The Surf.

Patti also is a regular co-host on ABC Evenings With Derek Guille.

Impro shows include: Die Nasty, the live improvised soap opera(CA), Theatresports (CA, US, AU, NO), Maestro (CA, AU, BE, NO), Gorilla Theatre (CA, AU, NO), Lifegame (CA), Mortal Coil (AU, DE), Chimp Prov (CA), Late Nite Impro(AU), Celebrity Theatresports (AU), Harold, City Life, Smells Like A Song (CA), Spontaneous Broadway (AU), Scriptease (UK), Dream Date (NZ), Rocket Sugar Factory (AT).